Chemistry of GeNO’s Nitric Oxide Delivery Platforms

Using the currently available technology, nitric oxide (NO) is oxidized to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at ambient temperature at the time of delivery to the patient. The rate of this reaction is second order for nitric oxide and first order for O2, meaning that the rate increases by the square of the nitric oxide concentration and proportional to the oxygen concentration.

GeNO’s chemistry minimizes the nitric oxide dilution step. Instead, it starts with NO2, chemically removes one of the oxygen atoms, and generates nitric oxide rapidly and quantitatively.

GeNO makes use of NO2 in either air or oxygen, at the concentration to deliver the therapeutic dose of NO to the patient. For our liquid-based systems, the gaseous NO2 is first diluted with air or oxygen and then passed through the cartridge to generate nitric oxide at the therapeutic dose.